Lahore Fort Marquee

Lahore Fort marquee, Sitting Capcatiy is 800 guest, high potential way of creating a wedding venue, in an unusual or highly personal location that might not otherwise be a viable option. Lahore Fort Marquee also offer 9 reception Menu.Rates are Desided on your desire .

Address ;Near Park View Housing Society Opp .Master Moter 18 km Multan Road Lahore .

Menu rates are not same they are decided according to current price.

Menu 1

With Mutton Qorma/ Karahi Deal

Menu 2

Mutton Badami Qorma Deal

Menu 3

Mutton Kunna Deal

Menu 4

Chicken Qorma /Karahi

Menu 5

Chicken Qorma Achari/ Badami Deal

Menu 6

Chicken Ginger Bonless Deal


Mutton Pulao Chicken Qorma Deal


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